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Dave talks serverless first on The New Stack

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Dave is collaborating with The New Stack and Fauna, talking about all things serverless in 2021. Check out the article published here.

This is a great read if you want to learn from a tech leader who has embarked on the serverless journey, managed through the ups and downs and lived to tell a tale of success that is recognised by industry peers globally.

This article is not a theoretical or idealised view of the technological or digital strategy you ought to adopt. Dave has over twenty years experience as an engineering leader and his views are rooted deeply in the reality engineering for orgs that have accumulated large amounts of technical debt and in some cases, over many decades.

The New Stack

In the New Stack article, he covers the basics of what serverless and serverless first is. Serverless has been a problematic word but Dave lays out what the term actually means. Dave explains that it is more fundamental than simply being a way to describe technology. He goes on to show that it needs to be viewed as a movement backed by a desire to deeply understand and reinvent your business model for the 4th industrial revolution.

He describes the core building blocks that your org will need, as well as the benefits and challenges that you will probably come across, if you chose to adopt and implement serverless.

In this New Stack article, Dave also introduces the concept of serverless as ‘the rise of the managed service’. He also looks more deeply into this concept. He covers aspects such as comfort, code as a liability, expectation and flexibility.

Finally he looks forward into the future of serverless. He challenges you to frame serverless as a mind set that you and your org need to adopt. And he point to the reason being vital for your org. In order to excel for your customers and match the digital expectations that they have, you must take the serverless journey too.

The New Stack and serverless first
The New Stack

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