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The Serverless Edge – Speaking at Devops Enterprise Summit

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The Serverless Edge appears in Vegas !!…..well virtually at the Devops Enterprise Summit.

Devops enterprise summit

Dave and Mark are presenting at the DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual – US, talking about Using Wardley Mapping with the Value Flywheel for combined business & technology evolution

After announcing their book launch next year from IT Revolution, they will be giving viewers a taster of what to expect from their book. Regular readers will know that Dave and Mark are advocates of Wardley Mapping. And they make no exception in their presentation as they go in depth into how using Wardley Mapping can help orgs to quickly modernize cloud applications and drive business.

They have developed these concepts further and introduce the Value Flywheel which demonstrates the continuous nature of transformation in the digital era. They explore the elements of the value flywheel and show how it can start the journey towards a serverless-first organization. They show how orgs need to build a sense of purpose, challenge their landscape, execute the next best action and create long-term value.

As a rare treat at the Devops Enterprise Summit, viewers can watch the duo work through a Wardley mapped example that brings the Value Flywheel to life. Their demo also makes their strategy real and reveals the methods of building situational awareness.

So tune into their session and don’t miss out on watching them work through their tool and techniques in action. Mark and Dave have built these techniques from their lived experiences of bringing orgs through the ups and downs of digital transformation journeys. They know the real life challenges experienced by technical and business teams tasked with reviewing and changing business models for the digital era.

Find out all you need to know at their virtual session at the Devops Enterprise Summit 2021. Dave and Mark thrive on discussing their ideas and getting your feedback on the tools and techniques they are presenting.

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